Lily Taylor believes in the ancient art of the bathing ritual, taking time each day to care for the body whilst allowing the mind precious time out from the frenzy of modern living.

Made in New Zealand
Boutique Essential Oils

Revitalising Day Oil

Rejuvenating Night Oil

Nourishing Body Oil

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“I have been using this wonderful oil for a year now and I love it.  I have extremely dry skin and the change is amazing.  I will keep on using it forever.”

“My flatmates commented on the wonderful smell that permeated… my room.”

“I have been using this fantastic oil for many years the scar on my cheek somehow seems to smoothed and my skin is smoother.”


“I think your oils are fabulous!"

“Lily Taylor is by far the best Body Oil I have ever used.  And it smells heavenly!"

"I received these oils as a very special gift, and I love them! They make my skin look so smooth and radiant. And the smell is to-die-for!"

Lynn, Auckland (NZ)

Natalie, Australia

Sue, Auckland (NZ)

Emma, Christchurch (NZ)

Liese, Auckland (NZ)

Pieta, Wellington (NZ)